CCleaner 5.50 with new options to control program updates

CCleaner 5.50 with new options to control program updates:

A new version of the file cleaning software CCleaner for Windows, version 5.50, features new options to control program updates.
The year 2018 has not been a very pleasant one for Piriform, maker of CCleaner, and Avast, Piriform’s parent company.  The integration of Telemetry collection, first without clear options to disable it and turned on by default, and forced automatic updates to a new version of CCleaner, were two of the major blunders in that year …

Closing Words

One cannot say that Piriform is not trying. The company introduced privacy options in the program after users complained about the new data collecting and the lack of options to turn Telemetry off. Now, after users complained that CCleaner would auto-update itself in September, options are introduced to control these updates in the program.
The ride would have been a lot smoother for Piriform if the company would have introduced these options before it made the changes or pushed the automatic update to CCleaner installations.
Now You: Do you still use CCleaner?

(Via gHacks Technology News)
My answer is no, I do not trust CCleaner or Pinform or Avast. You should make your own decision, but my council is against trusting them.

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