2019 Should be the end of Big Attention

The temptation and occasional reality of instantaneous attention at scale, and the riches that can come from it, are intoxicating. But the brief window in which this was feasible in a socially sustainable way, if it ever existed, is now gone. We need to go back to, rebuild, and strengthen the old Internet of millions of nodes at multiple scales, from the homepage to, yes, the huge aggregator, but no longer ceding the rules under which we interact with each other to the control of organizations unwilling or unable to do so in a responsible way.

2019 Should be the end of Big Attention | blog.rinesi.com
Moving my content back to my own site and federating out to the various SNS platforms proved so far to be a wise decision. I especially like that when people respond to something I wrote, regardless of the SNS platform they use I see them as comments on my site to the article itself.

Be nice with what you write.