I made the decision that I won’t play the game anymore. I canceled my Netflix subscription and won’t subscribe to a service again until a Spotify of video streaming appears on the market.
What I do instead? I buy shows or movies on DVD or Blu-Ray that I’m interested in. Advantage of that method is that I can watch them whenever and wherever I want. I don’t buy many, however, and usually years after release on flea markets and other second hand marketplaces.

TV and Movie streaming is heading in the wrong direction – gHacks Tech News
I’ve drafted this very article beat-by-beat but waited to post it until I decided what to do about The Good Place and Doctor Who (I caved on both).
What I am doing right now is cultivating lists of the TV shows, movies, books, and music I consider must have. By must have I mean by me and not what anyone else might value. I maintain the lists in CamelCamelCamel.com so I know the best time to buy. If there is a good way to do this without Amazon’s involvement, I am keen to know.

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