Teaching Cybersecurity Law and Policy: My Revised 62-Page Syllabus/Primer by Robert Chesney:

Cybersecurity law and policy is a fun subject to teach. There is vast room for creativity in selecting topics, readings and learning objectives. But that same quality makes it difficult to decide what to cover, what learning objectives to set, and which reading assignments to use.
With support from the Hewlett Foundation, I’ve spent a lot of time in recent years wrestling with this challenge, and last spring I posted the initial fruits of that effort in the form of a massive “syllabus” document. Now, I’m back with version 2.0.
At 62 pages (including a great deal of original substantive content, links to readings, and endless discussion prompts), it is probably most accurate to describe it as a hybrid between a syllabus and a textbook. Though definitely intended in the first instance to benefit colleagues who teach in this area or might want to do so, I think it also will be handy as a primer for anyone–practitioner, lawyer, engineer, student, etc.–who wants to think deeply about the various substrands of this emergent field and how they relate to one another.
Feel free to make use of this any way you wish. Share it with others who might enjoy it (or at least benefit from it), and definitely send me feedback if you are so inclined ([email protected] or @bobbychesney on Twitter).

I’ve been pouring over this for about a week and am loving the detail. I asked for a better pdf with the diagrams fixed and working html links.
Even if you’re a security professional operating outside the U.S. like me, still get this and read through it. It will trigger local conversations and research.