beorg 2.7.0 released : Apps On The Move

beorg 2.7.0 released : Apps On The Move

beorg 2.7.0 is now available on the App Store. It is set to roll out as a phased release over 7 days – so if you aren’t getting the update (and don’t want to wait) you can update manually via the App Store Updates tab.
beorg 2.7.0 introduces support for Apple Watch. This first release for  Apple Watch allows you to view your agenda on your wrist and to add  complications to your watch face so you can keep track of how many tasks need to be completed today.
Also in this release is a new  beorg extension (available as an in-app purchase) so you can sync with  Box. beorg now supports syncing with iCloud, Dropbox, WebDAV and Box to  give you control over where your data is stored.
In addition to the headline features 2.7.0 contains:
  + Improved internal links so you can link to items in a document and to  other documents. For example [[holidays::Summer 2019]] will open your  holidays file and take you straight to your Summer 2019 destination  planning.
 + Alignment of tags when written to a file – controllable via a new variable org-tags-column.
 + Fix for the sync indicator on newer iPhones.
 + Fix for crash if org extension is deleted from settings tab.
 + Fix for some crashes related to the syntax highlighting introduced in 2.6.0.
 + Fix for WebDAV issues some users were experiencing.

This is outstanding! I’m enjoying the watch complication so far but I’ve only played with it for like 30 minutes or so. The Box integration could be a game changer for me as well, though a few non-beorg technical bits need sorting.
The development of beorg is going at a rapid pace. I appreciate the financial support model (none of the subscription nonsense).

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