Culture You Can Heft

Culture You Can Heft:

Digital Culture and Culture You Can Heft Working Together

While I’ve increased my consumption of heft-able culture, I haven’t completely abandoned the digital variety. I’m just more deliberate about when I use one or the other, and about intentionally keeping a healthy dose of the former in my life.
I’ll stream music to my Sonos speaker in my garage gym. But if it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, I’ll have Gus pick out an album for us to listen to together on my turntable while we play chess.
I still use a Kindle when I’m reading books for article research because it allows me to copy and paste my highlights into a single doc for when I’m ready to write. But if the book ends up meaning a lot to me, I’ll buy a hardcopy version for my physical library. With books I read for the podcast (where I make highlights and notes but don’t need them transcribed), or that I read for pleasure, I always prefer to read a hardbound copy.
The Art of Manliness is largely a digital site, naturally, and we even utilize infinite scroll. But we also offer hardbound versions of some of our content, and we’d like to create more in the future for those who itch to take more of their reading completely offline.
It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Find a mixture that works for you, remembering that culture is not merely to be consumed, but experientially touched, handled, hefted.

(Via The Art of Manliness)
I’ve commented on this idea for a while now. I like how Brett defines the concept of “heft”. The article is a long read but well worth your time.

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