Apple Maps Japan Adds Indoor Mall Maps

Apple Maps Japan adds Indoor Mall Maps:

Apple continues their slow rollout of Indoor Maps for Japan. Tokyo Narita and Nagoya Chubu Airport indoor maps were added in September (Haneda and Kansai are still missing). Indoor Mall Maps have been added for a few Tokyo locations. So far I have identified Kitte, the old post office site next to Tokyo station, Ginza Six and Roppongi Hills. There are probably more in other metropolitan areas but we won’t know until Apple updates the iOS Feature Availability page which can take forever. Unfortunately underground station malls maps for important places like Tokyo, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro are missing. Good luck navigating those monster mazes on your own.

Every trickle of map improvement is a bonus. It’s funny to me that Kitte gets the treatment this early, but maybe the fact that it is easy to navigate without help makes it easy to add to Maps?

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