Understanding and defending against Denial of Service attacks

Denial of Service (DoS) attacks continue to be on the rise, which is no surprise given our ever-growing dependency on Web-based services, coupled with the fact that these attacks are relatively cheap and easy to carry out. In this article, we’ll discuss what DoS attacks are, some various types of DoS attacks, tips to keep them at bay, and references to security tools to help you mitigate vulnerabilities.

via Understanding and defending against Denial of Service attacks.
This article talks about a lot of easy to implement solutions, what I like to call “low hanging fruit”. These are things like patch management, log management, SYN protections and anti-spoofing on firewalls, and so on. Use it as inspiration for making a checklist.
What the article misses is having a plan in place to handle a DoD/DDoS attack. Do you have the emergency response number from your Internet and/or telco providers? Does the business have plans B in place in case the network is down? Many business processes can still be done via fax or phone.

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