This simple test assesses if men are being good gender allies

This simple test assesses if men are being good gender allies by Alexandra Ossola:

It’s 2019, and there’s no more denying it: hiring women is a good business decision. But keeping and retaining women is not only a matter of adding more family-friendly policies or flexible work hours. Leadership (often male) also needs to foster a workplace culture that shows women they are valued and will grow at the company.
Men may find themselves wanting to do better (well, not _all _men–a 2016 survey by compensation-focused website found just one in five men said gender disparity was a problem in their workplace). They are to be commended for that. But sometimes, they just don’t know how. From calling a female colleague “dear” to explaining something to a woman that she clearly already knows, even the best-intentioned of men can sometimes do things that slight the women around them.
Matt Wallaert, a behavioral scientist and cofounder of, a free site that helps women ask for raises at work, has a simple recommendation for men who want to know whether they’re on track: They should ask themselves if a woman in their lives is able to tell them when something they’re doing is bullshit.
I love this.
And yes, I am fortunate that I have a number of women in my life happy to call me out on my bullshit.