Bali: Day 1, Part 1

I slept like a log last night. Over the past three days I had had about 12 hours of sleep with a chunk of that in the plane. Now I’m at breakfast.
The weather is gorgeous, by the way.
I’m taking the shuttle into Ubud and spending the day there. Then I’ll come back and camp out by the pool with a book and a drink. And upload photos … I’m using my Canon point and shoot, not my phone, to help disconnect
The resort staff is attentive and friendly. It is taking me a bit to understand their English and I’m pronouncing there words in a very Japanese way.
The other residents are diverse: Retired western couples, young Indonesian families (one set is in the pool now), a Russian couple straight out of central casting, and an assortment of others. One pair that just came down to eat taught me that, as far out as we are, apparently Dominos delivers here. That’s sad.
While I’m out I will get bug repellent and some more toothpaste. Maybe I can get some coffee for the room, too.

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