Bali: Day 0, Taipei to Bali

I flew through Taipei from Tokyo to Bali.
I want to spend more time in Taipei. From what I saw from taxis and my hotel, it’s my kind of town.
Speaking of taxis: when I got mine from the stand at the airport, I asked if he takes credit cards. They said he did and off I went.
Guess what? He does, but doesn’t like to. I had no Taiwanese currency, only Yen and Dollars. He tried to get his machine to work, cursing at it or me or both. Eventually he got so pissed off he threw me and my bags out and took off.
His taxi? It had stickers for all the major credit cards.
My brief stay at the DoubleTree Hilton was fantastic. I’m looking forward to my return.
The airport there is great if a too spread out – some kind of tram system would help.
Here are some pictures to set the mood.

Oh, yeah. And “Hello, Kitty”.

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