Working from home is increasingly common – but few firms address the risks to corporate data, according to new research from storage company Iron Mountain.
Iron Mountain claims that up to two-thirds of employees work from home in Europe at least part of the time – but a mere 18% of firms offer guidance on how to protect information outside the office, or even of what electronic data should not leave the office, according to a survey of 2,000 workers.
Just 17% of films have a formal policy regarding working from home – and more than two thirds (67%) failed to provide secure access to company intranets, according to CBR Online’s report. One in four provide no equipment or training for home workers.
Dealing with sensitive data from home on unsecured machines carries many of the same risks as employees “bringing their own devices” to the workplace – known as BYOD. A recent report found that one in four employees used no security measures whatsoever on “BYOD” devices

via Companies that allow home working “ignore security risks”, report claims – We Live Security.

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