Bali: Day 8

This is my last full day in Bali. Tomorrow midday I head to the airport where I hope there’s not a repeat of inbound immigration (UPDATE: there wasn’t).
I started my day at the breakfast buffet.
It. Is. Huge. And delicious! I’m glad I didn’t take the Hilton points in lieu.
Then I swam in the ocean again. One of the things I forgot to mention is how steep the slope is around high tide. One’s ankles are likely to be pummeled by stones caught in the surf while ones arms are tangled in biomass on the surface.
Low tide shows a very different landscape. The slope is shallow and rock. Not rocky. Rock, pasted with sea foliage. I destroyed a set of hotel flip-flops trying to walk out on it.
Dinner that night was another ride into the village.
Yes. More pork. Again, delicious. Again, the restaurant offered a free shuttle back.

One thing that really irritated me at the Hilton was that no one asked me how my stay was but I was solicited to buy spa treatments 6 times and encouraged to eat at the restaurant twice. Somehow I will overcome.

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