Bali: Day 10, Taipei to Tokyo

As typical, the Doubletree was outstanding.
Ride to the airport was good, but I was ill prepared for the mess that was Taipei airport. Long lines, security staff apparently trained in the TSA school of incompetence and rudeness, and moving walkways moving … oddly.
I got into one of the Priority Pass lounges that was rated poorly. I found it very good. The only complaint I had was that the bathroom is outside of the lounge, but if that was the worst that would happen it would be a good day.
It wasn’t.
The EVA Air staff was again poor. Again, we arrived late. The immigration folks at Narita were uncharacteristically inefficient – I was given bad information twice. Then the Narita Express ticket agent was rude. She directed me to the lower level desk (I think because she was on social media) and they pointed me to the self service machines where I proceeded to buy the wrong ticket in roughly the right direction.
I got home about an hour later than expected.
I’m glad I took the trip but I should have done half in Bali and half in Taipei.

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