FUD Rant: From bash to zsh on macOS

From bash to zsh on macOS:

In anticipation of macOS 10.15 Catalina, I have changed my shell from bash to zsh. macOS 10.15 will use zsh as the new default, and I was pretty sure that things will break immediately unless I prepare – so I did prepare, and I found the transition very simple.

(Via Worklog of Christian Tietze)
No. Just wrong.
It is correct that the default shell for new accounts in the next major macOS release is zsh. However, it does not mean current users need to switch. Apple is not forcing existing users to zsh. Unless you’re installing from scratch and are not planning to use MacPorts or Homebrew to install the latest bash for your shell (the built-in bash is dangerously out of date and insecure), then …
Please don’t confuse the issue for others.
Switch if you want to switch. Follow your joy. I’m not going to tell you otherwise, though it is not a path I expect to walk in the near term. zsh is fine. I played with it several times. There is no compelling reason for me to switch.
Here endeth the rant.

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