I Won’t Sit Down: Songwriting with Frank Turner (Parts 1 and 2)

I enjoy Frank Turner’s music. I picked up his Love Ire & Song (Amazon US JP) almost as a lark back around 2009 in some Amazon sale. Had I bought physical media (and I do want to get this on LP someday) I would have worn a hole in it. I still listen to the album a few times a year.
Imagine my delight when these came across my RSS reader!
I Won’t Sit Down: Songwriting with Frank Turner (Part 1):

Federico and John are joined by musician and songwriter Frank Turner to talk about getting started, the transition from post-hardcore band Million Dead to an acoustic solo career, songwriting, the music industry, evolving your work and staying relevant, being productive on tour, the advantages and pitfalls of social media, and fans.

I Won’t Sit Down: Songwriting with Frank Turner (Part 2):

To wrap things up with speak to Turner about the democratization of the creation, access, and distribution of music and other media, the role of hard work and luck, the songwriting process, when to listen to feedback and from whom, editing your work, the role of technology in songwriting, the state of albums today, and a whole lot more. It was a fantastic way to finish up, so be sure to check it out.

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I saved these for a rainy weekend day, and today is that day.
Oddly, as much as I love this album, I don’t know much else Frank has done. I’m looking forward to some discovery in these shows. And I will have to go on the lookout for his live shows in Japan.

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