Fuck Off, Automattic/WordPress!

I opened my WordPress app to dash off a comment that probably was better left unsent. Guess what appeared to me – an invitation to use WordPress’s God-fucking-awful block editor, Gutenberg. And it let me know they conveniently enabled it for me by default to be the default. Fuck!

This just in — Gutenberg is hot, hot garbage. It followed a boom in sites like Medium, sites that have since fallen on hard times and changed their business model two or three times since. Writers didn’t care enough about the block editor to stay with Medium. Block editing was all the rage, and the rage has passed.

Worse is WordPress injecting their garbage editor into my WordPress experience EVEN THOUGH I HAVE AN ADD-ON THAT EXPLICITLY INDICATES I DON’T WANT THIS!

Automattic and WordPress can fuck the hell off and go fuck themselves in the process. I literally decided three hours ago to stay with WordPress for my site and they pull this jack-wagon nonsense.


BTW, I’m also displeased with DreamHost, my hosting provider, for letting Automattic and WordPress pull this bullshit on their customers. They, too, can go fuck themselves,

/me backs up site to move elsewhere

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2 thoughts on “Fuck Off, Automattic/WordPress!

  1. @PRJorgensen Yes… let the hate flow through you…

    Your current opinion has been my opinion since before the hot mess that is Gutenberg. What platform are you considering next?

    • Ideally I will move to a self-hosted platform cleaner to integrate with IndieWeb. Maybe I’ll jump on the static web site bandwagon using Emacs and Org-Mode. I’m open to recommendations.

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