QR Codes and Big Data in Japan

QR Codes and Big Data:

After the 7pay QR Code launch and security meltdown, Twitter is full of Japanese tweets asking ‘why do we need QR when we already have fast secure FeliCa services like Apple Pay Suica?’
… As Suzuki san points out, from the convenience store point of view, the problem with customers using Suica, nanaco or T-Point is that they don’t have personal data attached to them. Anybody can buy a Suica card at a JR station or a nanaco card at 7-Eleven and use it on the spot. The only piece of data going into the system is the card id#. They can’t get your name, phone, etc. and profile the customer. With QR Code apps and an account signup/sign in, QR Code platform operators get the information they want to profile customers and plug it into Big Data.
The customer ends up being the product. It’s not about offering better service or technology.

(Via Ata Distance)
Yet again Joel nails the situation, along with Junya Suzuki (link in Japanese). All of these QR Code releases seem so slap-dash (poorly planned and executed). I avoid these things point programs.
Read the whole article for more insight and details.

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