Courtney Barnett: “I explored a lot of my vulnerabilities”

I’m a huge Courtney Barnett fan (Thanks, TBTL!) but didn’t know she’s in country! I wonder if I can get tickets to show without doing the whole event.
Courtney Barnett: “I explored a lot of my vulnerabilities”:

Though it was once a source of fun and connection, social media can increasingly leave many of us envious of our glamorous friends, and antsy about “Keeping Up with the Joneses” in our own posts. However, for an artists who so effectively captures angst and melancholy on songs like “Crippling Self Doubt And A General Lack Of Self-Confidence,” Australian rocker Courtney Barnett has a surprisingly upbeat take on the way that we’re all glued to our phones in this Insta-age.
Ahead of her performance at Fuji Rock, she tells us about her healthy approach to social media, her inspirations and muses and reveals her surprisingly eclectic tastes in music. […]

(Via Tokyo Weekender; photo by Pooneh Ghana)
As always, read the whole article for the sadly brief interview.
I like Courtney Barnett’s music partially because, while self-depricating, it is rarely whiny or ‘woe-is-me’. The other part of why I like her music is because it’s fun.

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