Recipes for Food that Appear in Makoto Shinkai’s New Film Tenki no Ko

Recipes for Food that Appear in Makoto Shinkai’s New Film Tenki no Ko:

Makoto Shinkai, whose hit animated feature film Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name) put him on the global map, has a new film that just landed in theaters in Japan. For those outside Japan, you’ll have to wait until early 2020 to see Tenki no Ko (Weathering With You) but for fans looking to get just a little taste of the film, you’re in luck.
In the film, there is a scene where the the heroine, Hina Amano, prepares a series of creative dishes for protagonist Hodaka Morishima. They include potato chip fried rice and instant ramen salad.
The odd yet alluring dishes were created in collaboration with recipe website Kurashiru, who has released the recipes for anyone to try.
Potato Chip Fried Rice | のり塩すごもりチャーハン レシピ・作り方

Rice | ごはん 200 g
Potato chips (preferably salt & seaweed) | ポテトチップ (のり塩味) 15 g
Onion | 玉ねぎ 1/4個
Sprouts | 豆苗 1/4 pack | パック
Soy sauce | ①しょうゆ 1 tsp | 小さじ
Chicken stock concentrate | ①鶏ガラスープの素 1/2 tsp | 小さじ
Grated ginger | すりおろし生姜 1/2 tsp | 小さじ
Sesame oil | ごま油 1 tblsp | 大さじ
Egg | 卵黄 1個

Directions (serves 1)

  1. Prepare the vegetables by chopping the onion and cutting off the stem from the sprouts. Chop sprouts into 2cm widths.
  2. Heat frying pan on low with sesame oil and ginger. Then add onions. Raise to medium heat and cook onions until translucent.
  3. Add rice, soy sauce and half of the sprouts and continue to cook
  4. Crush potato chips by hand and mix into dish, then quickly remove from heat and serve
  5. Separate egg yolk from whites. Create dimple in rice and add egg yolk


  1. 玉ねぎはみじん切りにします。
  2. 豆苗は根元を切り落としたら、2cm幅に切ります。
  3. フライパンにごま油、すりおろし生姜を入れ、弱火にかけます。
  4. すりおろし生姜の香りが立ったら、1を加え中火にします。
  5. 玉ねぎがしんなりするまで炒めたら、ごはん、①と2の半量を入れます。
  6. 全体が馴染むまで炒めたら、ポテトチップを手で砕きながら加えます。手早く混ぜ合わせたら、器に盛り中央をくぼませます。
  7. くぼみを囲うように残りの2を添えて、卵黄を中央にのせたら完成です。

(Via Spoon & Tamago: picture from Kurashiru)
Yum? It looks interesting. Any chance to have some Japanese potato chips/crisps in a recipe is a-ok with me.
There’s another recipe in the article, one for salad. Brooklyn Nine Nine fans will get the gist.

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