As evening comes to eastern Tennessee the day after the U.S. presidential election, who won remains unresolved. Depending on the reputable source, Joe Biden has either 253 or 264 Electoral College votes. I’m delighted that Michigan, my former home state, went against D.J. Trump this time around. Tennessee, my current residence, as expected went for DJ.

It’s ok. I say this for me as much as you, Dear Friends. The last two nights I slept a combined 10-12 hours, my anxiety about the election outcome physically manifesting itself in me. I did not expect this. Yet there I was, trying to do deep breathing exercises at 02:00 while also trying to not grab my phone.

For those of you who voted for and support DJ, please try to understand that I fundamentally don’t understand your journey in supporting him. Maybe I don’t need to understand.

Know this: you are not my enemy and I am not yours.

Be nice with what you write.