Please, No! Founders Brewing Sells Out!

Today’s news, though, is making waves: MiBiz reports Founders’ two cofounders have sold 90% of the company to Mahou-San Miguel Group, each retaining just a 5% stake. Founders has confirmed the deal to The Takeout.

(Via The Takeout)
I wasn’t jazzed when Founders sold a bit of the company a while back, but this news is just too disheartening as a Michigan beer fan.

In an official statement provided to The Takeout, the brewery says daily operations at the brewery and taproom will remain unchanged.
“Founders will remain autonomous in managing its business, products and teams,” the statement says. “Engbers and Stevens [Founders’ two cofounders] will continue to be shareholders in Founders and have no intention of leaving.”
Mahou-San Miguel also owns a majority of Avery Brewing of Boulder, Colorado, but Founders says there’s no plans to roll the companies together. The company also notes the sale is subject to regulatory approvals.

The missing phrase for the end of each of the above paragraphs is “for now.”
I’m on the prowl for pictures from my last visit to Grand Rapids and the Founders Taproom with my friend Kent from back in the early ‘10s. When I find these examples of a simpler time I shall share them here with you.

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