Apple’s One Last Thing for 2020: AirPods Max – TidBITS

Apple’s One Last Thing for 2020: AirPods Max – TidBITS:

The AirPods Max certainly seem impressive, but the $549 price tag makes them more expensive than a pair of HomePods (which regularly sell for $250) or four HomePod minis (which are a mere $99). While serious audiophiles may spend thousands of dollars on headphones, they have exacting standards that Apple may be hard-pressed to meet. Who will shell out $549 for Bluetooth headphones? But as is often the case with Apple products, the answer may be: more people than you might imagine.

Here’s the thing about this Apple release that coalesces Apple’s product launches in general: Apple is solving a problem that doesn’t exist for a consumer base that also doesn’t exist. Will some people buy them at their absurd launch price? Absolutely. Will they become a fashion accessory? No doubt.

Apple used to solve problems, often in ways that were unexpected and sometimes unwilling. Take the 3.5mm headphone jack in the iPhone that was abandoned … an interface is supported in these headphones.

The update to the Apple TV that would actually solve problems in a semi-affordable way for the average Apple acolyte? Stay tuned, I guess.

Before anyone get’s twisted around the axel on this one: yes, the M1 chip is neat tech that addresses some issues for some people. But it is not fully baked yet.

Where would I like to see Apple focus?

  • iCloud stability
  • iOS/iPadOS/WatchOS/MacOS stability
  • Fingerprint sensor on the external Magic Keyboard
  • USB3+TB3 power/reboot issues on existing MacBooks
  • Updated Apple TV hardware

Mostly, I would love for Apple to take a year off of hardware development (except for the Apple TV) and focus on software improvements. Unlikely, but it’s what I want.

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