Buenos Aires, Day 3

In light of the previous day’s events I grabbed an outstanding steak dinner near the hotel. I came back and crashed, though again my sleep had fits and starts. I woke early, indulging in a brief bout of iPad regret before rising.
Breakfast in the lounge was more of the same. I took the time to plot my travels to barrio Palermo.
Plan in hand I set up my Chase Visa for cash withdrawals. It took a while to register here in Argentina as it was over an hour before I could actually withdraw cash. Not as liquid as I would have liked and plastic not a taxi option, I hoofed it to Palermo.
This just in: The tourist map LIES.
I left the hotel at 09:30. I arrived in Palermo around 13:00. I was SORE.
The bright side of the equation is that I saw parts of the city I would have missed. I also fully registered a few things.

  • I like Buenos Aires. I will try to come back.
  • The city is dirty outside of Puerto Madero. “Normal” litter litters the streets, but many places had piles of trash waiting for pickup. Yes, it’s a holiday here – the Argentinian Independence Day – and thus a long weekend. But the piles were sizable.
  • Graffiti comes in waves as you traverse the city. There is none around embassy row.
  • Buenos Aires is a walkable city. I made a huge mistake, but it could have been much worse.
  • If you love wine, come here.

I won’t belabor the pain of the walk. The Japanese gardens were beautiful if over commercialized. The zoo was a zoo. A few of the museums I wanted to see weren’t open. The pub I visited was the only empty bar in BA.
So far the highlight of the day was the wine tasting at Anuva Wines. It was me, a couple from Brazil, and 4 Texans (plus one bored Texan teenager who did not drink). Cara and her assistant were great. The food pairings while sparse complimented the Argentinian wines well. Delicious wines and good company with expert guidance.
I wisely took a taxi back to the hotel. I am taking in drinks in the lounge yet again. I shall sup far afield of my first forays, probably back in Palermo. Round trip by taxi measures less than $20 US and the Anuva team provided a list of recommendations.
Oh, and I think I know the business I want to start when I retire.

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