Buenos Aires, Day 4

I slept in this morning to a glorious 08:00. I grabbed a leisurely breakfast and puttered around on the computer.
I mellowed on last nights dinner. I was unhappy with the main concierge. That colored my assessment of the restaurant he strongly recommended. The food was overcooked and the fried provolone wasn’t nearly as good as what I had before, but it wasn’t a bad meal. I don’t thing Ive ever been in a restaurant that takes everything but Visa.
Today was going to be a light day. My legs needed a less punishing plan. I intended to take a walking tour at 5 and dinner at 9. Around 11 I headed to Calle Florida, a pedestrian thoroughfare with tons of shops along the route. I ended up at St. Martin at the end of the line and grabbed a coffee.  From there I wandered around for a bit looking for lunch options.
That was when I started feeling off. I was hungry but waves of light nausea come on. I was also a little dizzy. I walked into one little restaurant that was crowded with locals. As soon as I saw a plate for food I had to get out. It started to rain a little as I made my way back to the hotel. By the time I arrived a headache was hanging out right behind my left eye.
I had a migraine.
I have some pills for this but I can’t take them on en empty stomach. I wasn’t sure what food would do the best for me. I opted for empenadas and the “Hilton Hamburger”. I was nervous at first but they ended up being good choices. The burger, cooked to well done, was surprisingly delicious. The empenadas were small but tasty. My timing coming back was great as the rain really picked up. Soon the staff was done cleaning my room so I went up, stripped down, and popped my pill. I dozed a bit with the shades drawn and podcasts playing.
I’m not feeling 100% yet, so no booze in the lounge tonight. I missed the walking tour, though I covered over 60% of it already in my travels. There’s another different one tomorrow at 11 which will fit in with my last day nicely. I will keep my dinner reservation at Fervor in Recoleta. Cara at Anuva Wines recommended it, and the five Texans from the tasting already ate there. I am getting the seafood as my beef quotient is off the charts.
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