Verizon Wireless/Sierra Wireless MC7750 on Lenovo T430s with Ubuntu

The Lenovo T430s I have for work comes with a Verizon Wireless 4G card built-in. It took weeks to get it working on Windows 7. Turned out that I had a bad SIM card.
Once I was able to get it to work in Windows, it was time to get it working in Ubuntu.
The USB ID for the MC7750 is 114F:68A2. It is also listed in Windows as “Gobi 4000 HS-USB Modem”.
Ubuntu didn’t recognize the 4G modem out of the box. I found a driver here. Here is more information. This modem wasn’t in there, but I went ahead and modified the source to add in the USB ID. Here are my diffs:
sierra.patch and sierra_net.patch
Save these to the folder where you downloaded the driver. Then

tar xvf v3.2_1740_kernel-3.0.directIP.tar
cd v3.2_1740_kernel-3.0.directIP
patch  -p0 < ../sierra.patch
patch -p0 < ../sierra_net.patch
sudo make install

and then reboot.
Success! Or sort of. It showed up as registered on Verizon. I could see the signal strength. Finding the right settings for NetworkManager is the next step.
There are three options for the number:


The username should be the [email protected] and the password is vzw.
I’m still working on this. It isn’t dialing, but I’m having a hard time finding the right combination.

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    • Gary,
      Unfortunately no. I was close but then had to hand the laptop in before finishing. I hope the information here gives you a starting point to making it work.

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