For those who don’t know, in mid-June I landed a new job. I’ll write later about my thoughts on the job hunt. There are several lessons learned and things I wish I could do over.
Thank you, friends and family and colleagues, for your help and support.
I’m excited by this new opportunity, the work, the team I’m working with, and what the future will bring.
I’m not sure how much I can write about the work, but I can write about the job. Here’s the tl;dr:

5 Ws

Who (with): Hewlett-Packard, Enterprise Security Services, Americas Security Consulting
What (as): Senior Security Architect
Where: Teleworker/Work-from-Home/the Americas
Why: Ultimately it came down to two factors: platform and place. It was not an easy choice; the other offers were strong.
How: Perseverance; a great outplacement consultant in Dean Morrow at; made luck; networking; a lot of conversations with a lot of people I trust; family and friends; a lot of conversations with a lot of people I didn’t know.

Q & A

What do you mean by “platform”?

I like choosing the right tool for the job. I like platform agnosticism. I like security polycultures. I like defense-in-depth. I like HP’s security tools like ArcSight and TippingPoint, but I know they’re not universally applicable.
My interviews and conversations highlighted the platform agnostic aspect. The folks on my team come from a varied and diverse background, and leverages all of that experience.

 How are you adjusting to Teleworking?

The adjustment has been easy. Easy, except for moving my treadmill out of the basement to my new home office upstairs. I might need specially built robots to bring the hulking mass upstairs. I used a walking desk/treadputer before and want to again.

What do you miss?

I miss my old team and the great folks that worked with me. But I’m excited by the team I’m working with. They’re every bit as smart and capable, and I’m glad to work with them.

Be nice with what you write.