Interestingly, there are some useful lessons to be learned here – and they’re more about how to deal will technical issues well than they are about surveillance or digital snooping.
So, at the risk of receiving a Royal Rant from Torvalds himself (me for writing this, and you for reading it), let me explain.
Linux has a special file called /dev/random that doesn’t exist as a real file.
If you open it in a program, and read from it, you get a stream of pseudorandom numbers, generated right inside in the kernel.
The idea of doing the work in the kernel is to end up with randomess of a very high quality.

via Rudest man in Linuxdom rants about randomness – “We actually know what we are doing. You don’t.” | Naked Security.
Fascinating read. If you know more about how Linux does random numbers I’d love additional information.
I’ll leave opinions about Mr. Torvalds to the readers.

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