More Time With the Surface Pro 3

No doubt you saw my earlier post titled “Microsoft Surface Pro 3 After 2 Weeks“.
This just in: I posted that article many weeks after I wrote it.
I’ve had the Surface Pro 3 (SP3) for six weeks now. Here are more thoughts:

  • The track pad on the keyboard cover is poorly constructed. I use an external mouse when possible & practical.
  • When sliding the SP3 backwards (away from), the kickstand collapses quickly & with slight resistance
  • The Windows button on the side of the SP3 is inconveniently placed. I’d prefer a recessed button like the iPad.
  • No external battery pack
  • Running VMWare workstation with a Windows 7 guest works ok, but for the tiny resolution

That’s pretty much it. If Microsoft fixes the keyboard cover issues (failing track pad, proper keys) yet keeps the overall build, I’ll recommend this to others.
Toss in some of my other mentioned areas of opportunity and I’ll sing praises from the rooftops.
If you have a SP3, let me know how it’s working for you.
DISCLAIMER: I bought & paid for my SP3. I am not a Microsoft employee. I do not accept nor has anyone paid me for my reviews. My opinions are mine and mine alone. YMMV.

Be nice with what you write.