A Bit of Travel

On my way to Tokyo as I write this, taking a break from a lengthy client report due in a few weeks.
I’m appreciative of some things:
Economy+ (or less an exit or lesser a bulkhead seat) makes a big difference for me when on a flight longer than two hours. Detroit to Tokyo and the return make it mandatory for me.
An unoccupied middle seat is wonderful.
A friendly and smaller than me person in the aisle seat makes getting out of my window seat (needed for potential naps, elbow protection, and no cart pummeling) outright delightful.
The 747: my favorite airplane. The 787 and 380 are swell and all. For my money there is nothing like flying this beautiful double-decker. I will fly the lower and upper decks in business/first class before they’re retired.
My new travel kit bag pleases me. Tom Bihn’s customer service is matched by the quality of their products.
Audible books and podcasts on @pocketcasts make the trip entertaining and educational while I write.

Be nice with what you write.