I’m off to Seoul for business reasons for 2 months.

There’s sparse content about what happens when one goes to Seoul. It’s outlined like this:

  1. Get a COVID test 72 hours before departure
  2. Print copies of the test results and be ready to show them multiple times
  3. Get your temperature taken often
  4. Fill out paperwork on the plane
  5. Turn in all the paperwork when you arrive
  6. The Korean government drives you to a location
  7. Quarantine in the location for 14-15 days
  8. Install and use an app to verify your location and health during the quarantine
  9. Wear a mask

I assume there’s a “don’t lick doorknobs” clause, but I’m lost in the details between steps 5 and 11.

What’s the government facility? Where is it? What is it like? Can I go au natural while I’m there or is it a prudish fishbowl scenario?

Seriously, I know there is a place to which I shall be transported and that I have to pay for my stay. But what are the details? How do I pay? Can I earn elite status and, if so, what are the benefits? What delivery services can I use? How do my clothes get laundered? How fast is the wifi?


I just don’t know.

#6 & #10, there’s a lot I don’t know contained in those seemingly innocent ellipses. I assume one should not wrestle a bear for honey (Pooh taught us that), but otherwise mind the gap.

Wear a mask!

Be nice with what you write.