[PftP] What to do when laid off

You had an ubrupt conversation with your boss (or someone else, depending on the scope) and an HR representative, hopefully in person but maybe remote. You learned you are no longer part of the organization.
Maybe you didn’t expect it. Maybe you had an inclining. Maybe you saw it coming. It doesn’t matter.
You might be one of tens or hundreds or thousands. It doesn’t matter.
When you get “The News”, Douglas Adams said it best: Don’t Panic. Take a deep breath.

  • Don’t accept or concede anything
  • Don’t sign anything (you, of course, want a lawyer to review it first)
  • Collect data, preferably on paper or a personal device
  • Tell the HR representative you’ll respond later, at least 5 days after & including a weekend.

Emotionally YOU ARE NOT PREPARED for the news. Everyone takes it differently. Accept the fact that you will be emotional and don’t fight it. Go Home! You want to leave as soon as you can. I made the mistake of trying to take things from my office. Tell Your Family and Friends as soon as you can. Don’t go through this alone even if you’d prefer to handle it yourself.
Note: If you were terminated for cause this post isn’t for you. While some of these tips may apply, you are best served by legal representation.
Note: This is a Western take on such events, but I think it holds true in other geographies.

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