Attackers sharpen skills: What that really means for CISOs

Today, IBM is revealing the results of its X-Force 2013 Mid-Year Trend and Risk Report, which shows that Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) must increase their knowledge of the evolving vulnerability and attack landscape, such as mobile and social technologies, to more effectively combat emerging security threats.
For CISOs, it’s no surprise that tried and true attack tactics can cause the most damage to an enterprise. Known vulnerabilities left unpatched in Web applications and server and endpoint software, create opportunities for attacks to occur. These unpatched applications and software continue to be facilitators of breaches year after year. However, the latest X-Force report also recognizes that attackers are improving their skills, which allows them to increase their return on exploitation. These attackers are capitalizing on users’ trust when it comes to new vectors like social media, mobile technology and waterhole attacks.

via Attackers sharpen skills: What that really means for CISOs.

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