Thinking out loud about: Cars; or the absence thereof

I loved not owning or having a car for the three years I lived in Tokyo. And I was sans auto for many months before I left the States.

While I like Midori, my 13+ year Toyota, I would love to hand her off to someone else.

During the pandemic she was mostly parked. The occasional drives could easily have been done in another family vehicle or postponed. Now I’m in Korea for 2 months. She is collecting tree detritus.

I’ve got an adult child living with me who has a car. I have a girlfriend who has a car. I still have the above referenced sister’s family vehicles available. All of these options depend on their willingness to let me “car share”, a.k.a. mooch, or be opportunistic (“You’re heading down the mountain? Would you mind taking me by the used book store?”).

I also have grocery delivery, perhaps the best thing to take on wide spread acceptance after testing and vaccines and masks and social distancing during COVID-19 (some ethical issues remain).

Do I need a car? My work is either at home or, well, in places like Seoul.

Probably not.

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