Removing the digital record for fun, profit

Is this corporate embraced digital news rot?

Axios Capital Newsletter:

Also dead: All of the blog posts ever published at Reuters were vaporized this week, including thousands of my own. “As we moved to a new site last month, some blog pages were removed because the legacy infrastructure is no longer supported,” says a spokesperson.

Reuters has retained the (unsearchable) blog archives, and says they “will be migrated to the new website in the coming months” — where, presumably, they will live on behind the forthcoming $35/month paywall.

I’m curious what about text posts – remember, Reuters is a news agency that largely deals in text — couldn’t move from one platform to another. I’m also curious about the apparent shoulder shrug by Reuters. Reuters, along with the AP, The NY Times, and a lot of other news agencies in the US are also agencies of record.

It’s not a good look to blame IT that content can’t be maintained. But apparently it will be available to paying clients?

Which reminds me, is microfiche still a thing?

p.s. this was a subitem in the newsletter. That depresses me.

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