He pulls a Pokémon card, you pull a gun! That’s the Target way!

Pokemon Overboard:

“US retail giant Target will stop selling Pokémon playing cards out of an ‘abundance of caution’ for its staff and other shoppers. The re-sale value of the cards has increased dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic, prompting chaos and threats to staff.” The dramatic rise in the re-sale value of the cards prompted a fight in Wisconsin during which a man pulled a gun. (It’s gonna be pretty hard to come off as tough when telling his cellmate what he got arrested for…)

You know what they say: if you ban Pokémon cards from right thinking people the only ones who will get Pokémon cards are the criminals. How will right thinking people defend themselves against the criminals who have the Pokémon cards?

Such a slippery slope! Thank goodness we’re spending time and resources on limiting the spread of Pokémon cards into the hands of criminals. The only way the situation will change is if we have serious, comprehensive Pokémon card control.

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