Korea things I wish I’d packed

There is a lack of information about quarantine when you hit Korean shores. I’ve written elsewhere about my experiences, but here is a list of things I was going to bring or things I now know I should have brought with me:

  • Coffee kit – 2 weeks worth of decent instant coffee at least or beans & grinder & AeroPress at best
  • Tea, again a 2 week supply
  • Tape – this is something usually in my travel kit. I don’t know what happened to it; useful for blocking out LEDs
  • Clothing deodorizing spray — the laundry situation is self-service so far
  • Folding plates & bowl – I’ve been washing things in the sink I think I can reuse but I have a nice camping kit that would do nicely
  • Alcohol — don’t know if I’ll be getting any
  • Thunderbolt 2 to Ethernet adaptor for my 2015 MacBook Pro – wifi problems abound here
  • Binoculars – to seep on the “world”, and also to scout out restaurants
  • Ethernet cable (see above)
  • Google Fi or a pre-trip shipped South KoreanSIM card – work turned off the international plans during the shutdown, so Verizon is charging a ridiculous fee
  • Selfie stick – for when I get out and about
  • Melatonin – to help with jet lag; usually in my kit but I totally spaced on making sure it was there
  • Snacks – I’m not a big snacker, but there is nothing in between the thrice daily meals
  • Dry erase markers – I used to always carry 4 of these as they’re often useful in personal brainstorming and work settings
  • Glasses cleaner – I have a cleaning cloth but the glass cleaner would work for the glasses and cleaning up dry erase from mirrors and windows
  • An immersion water heater
  • Spices!!! I always travel with at least some hot sauce but for whatever reason I totally spaced on this
  • Skin lotion – another “I always carry that” that I kind of forgot; I have some but it’s almost empty

I’m just glad I’m not a smoker. If I was, at least a 2 week supply of patches and gums and other palliatives would be damn necessary!

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