Mask Policy

Here is my current approach to masks and general public health things.

※ I am not yet vaccinated as of 210606 but my veins yearn for that sweet, sweet elixir.

※ Science changes as new data comes in. I reserve the right to change any and all of the below based on that.

※ This post will move to a page.

In all contexts

If I am mandated or asked to wear a mask, I will wear a mask.

If I am ill, I will wear a mask.

If I am on public transportation, including private conveyance, I will wear a mask.

If I’m around anti-vaxxers – of any stripe – I will wear a mask.

I will carry a mask with me at all times and probably have a few spares littered about my person/car/everyday carry.

If I am asked to wear a mask and, for some reason, I do not have one, I will happily leave to go get one.

If a place or person mandates that no masks are allowed, I will exercise my freedom to go elsewhere. I reserve the right to comment about where masked people are not welcome.

Gloves, hand sanitizers, and other surface measures are performative hygiene. I will not do those things unless asked or required to do so.


I will not wear a mask … mostly. If it’s a dicy environment I’m masking up.


If I am in exclusive company of vaccinated people – COVID and flu and the usual battery, I will not wear a mask.

Otherwise, I will wear a mask.


My time in South Korea, and my time in Japan to a certain extent, taught me that masks are polite. In the before times, people who were ill or were around people who were ill would wear masks. On the trains and subways on any given day, 5-10% of the people might wear a mask.

I acknowledge that wearing a mask all day long takes getting used to. They’re hot. They’re not comfortable, especially if you have a beard that you like and don’t want to remove.

If the discomfort of wearing a mask is the worst thing in my day, I’m living a good life.

I do not feel/believe/think that my civil liberties are violated by wearing a mask, but I don’t measure such things by how many droplets my respiratory system can expel onto other people. Other people get certain unalienable rights like “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” just like me, and my unrestrained viral-teeming respiratory droplets might impede someone else’s.

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