> LO #145: Poetic consultations, every heart emoji, wearing New York

> LO #145: Poetic consultations, every heart emoji, wearing New York

A TV recommendation: “Repair Shop,” a BBC show available in the U.S. on Netflix. Sweet English people bring beloved, broken items to a thatched-roof workspace in the countryside and a team of professional craftspeople and restorers set about fixing them. It’s got everything: Bucolic scenery. Lovely working-class English accents. A guy who wears a leather workvest most of the time even though he doesn’t strictly need to. A man named Steve who quietly does most of the work of the group project. An upholsterer lady you will probably get a crush on. People nerding out about specialized tools. Not infrequent happy tears. And watching people make broken things whole again feels like a little metaphor for all of life right now

(Via Laura Olin)

I discovered this little gem not too long ago and cannot agree more. Totally low stakes reality TV. If you Find The Great British Baking Show too competitive and stressful but love the accents and skill, this is the show for you.

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