Drowning here in Summer’s cauldron

I relished Tokyo’s festivals.

Every weekend had 1 or 2 or 6 or 10 in and around the city.

As much as I loved living there, it was not always enough. Going to some random country’s fair at Yoyogi Park or heading to a suburb for their local delicacies helped keep me involved and integrated into life in the city.

Now, with many festivals cancelled, you may need to be creative to enjoy summer at home.

Living in Chattanooga and not Tokyo means that I can take advantage of festivals. There are at least 3 right now every weekend — Friday night downtown, Saturday night on the river, and Sunday morning at the farmer’s market.

Do they have the international flair of Tokyo’s? Are they as expansive? Do they require 2 or more train transfers? No.

However, they scratch that itch for me.

I don’t agree with how we got here or what the current policy is for people to go to such events, but I have to say they provide me with a scratch of that itch.

I’m struggling right now, like a lot of people are. To be able to go somewhere and do something, instead of camping out on a couch and consuming content, sometimes keeps from having a bad day.

It’s not much, but it is more that something.

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