Today’s obligatory post

In point of fact, these days on 9/11 I don’t tend to think about it much at all, which is I think a healthy thing.

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It is healthy to go on. It’s unhealthy how it is pervasive.

Here’s how I plan to spend this 9/11: As if it were an ordinary Saturday, which, god willing, it will be.

I got a haircut, beard trim, and shampoo. I am at a brewery. Later I will cook some dinner.

I will also live my life within the day. Both the remembering and the living are important. The country came to a stop one day, twenty years ago. It’s all right to keep going now.

Me, too.

My issue is with the performative remembering, the “misery porn” aspect, of any tragedy where people chose to let that moment — or any similar tragedy — define them. If one isn’t appropriately miserable on this day, they say, one is somehow less than those who emote strongly.

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