Apple announced a new iPad Mini.

As described here I set aside an iPad Pro for a Mini early last year. That was one of many steps to a smaller, more modular compute platform.

How might this new Mini help with that?


… with a larger 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display … Featuring the brand new A15 Bionic chip … A new USB-C port … and cellular models with 5G … [edited to get rid of most of the marketing – pj]

The Mini plays key roles for me:

At home it is my primary on-line news reading device. When I finish reading my soon-to-depart analog paper I fire up my articulated-arm-clipped Mini. I read my digital subscriptions on it.

When I travel it is my chief media consumption device on sometimes cramped conveyance, like airplanes and Japanese commuter & subway trains.

I’ve long been a fan of the iPad mini, especially for travel. It’s so compact, yet very powerful for almost everything you would want an iPad to do.

(via The Loop)

Around town the Mini is my “laptop” with the Japanese Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad I carry in my Tom Bihn Le Grand Derrière.

Across all of my use cases, one key aspect of the new iPad Mini model will help me: the display is brighter. I have a privacy shield on my current Mini, but even before I applied it the display seemed dim. I’ll be happy for the extra light when I need it.

The other key aspect I use my Mini for is listening to podcasts. Nothing changes there.

Less intriguing

The Mini comes … 

… in four gorgeous finishes. … New advanced cameras, Center Stage, and support for Apple Pencil (2nd generation) enable new ways for users to capture photos and videos, communicate with loved ones, and jot down their ideas when creativity strikes. [I left in the marketing – pj]

In addition to the deëmphasis on Lightning connectors my OG Apple Pencil would need to be replaced as well.

The Mini comes in colors, which will be unseen with the obligatory case, unless a viable transparent option exists.

The cameras on mobile devices always disappoint and more so on tablets, thus one reason why I reëntered the digital camera owners realm. Center Stage is “neat”, but most of my colleagues on most of my video calls leave their cameras off. Unless I plan on speaking I leave mine off as well.

Bottom Line

Will I buy this upgrade? Eventually

Will I buy it day 1? Unlikely

Will I buy it before my next international or long haul business trip? Probably

Will I wait for it to start to be discounted? No

What about the rest of the Apple announcements? They’re not for me at this time

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