Apple Watch what?

Apple Watch Series 7: The MacStories Overview:

… the Series 7 Apple Watch is the first to support a native QWERTY keyboard interface.

This is interesting.

With tapping or swiping (via a new feature that Apple is calling “QuickPath”) supported, this should make text input on the device vastly more straightforward. Writing out short texts or emails on the Apple Watch may finally be a reasonable thing to do.

Hmm. I’m less interested, and now concerned that this new input method required a marketing term.

From Tidbits:

watchOS 8 on the Apple Watch Series 7 adds a full keyboard that lets you enter text either by tapping or by sliding your fingertip from character to character in a manner that has long been common on smartphone keyboards. Apple’s version of this system, dubbed QuickPath, taps into machine learning to predict the words you’re trying to enter.

Thanks but I’d rather not. If they kept the keyboard to the swipe method only sans branding, I’d be ok. Until QuickPath is proven trustworthy or disable-able, I’ll consider other options.

Back to MacStories:

Beyond text input, the Series 7 also includes widespread design updates to Apple’s first-party watchOS apps to make use of the new screen real-estate. Buttons are bigger, interface elements are more spread out, and far more content is visible on each screen.

None of this I found a problem on my S5 watch. Or on my smaller S2. Maybe a third-party can take advantage and show something compelling. Apple hasn’t yet IMHO.

The display is also made from a new crystal … 

This does not solve a problem for me. Your circumstance may vary.

New Faces

Don’t care.

Battery Life and Charging

The Series 7 will have the same 18-hour battery life as Apple has essentially always advertised for it. This year though, the always-on display is getting 70% brighter indoors when your wrist is down. In other words, Apple has made it easier to read the display when it’s in power-saving mode, but has still maintained the same battery life metrics.

I still think the dumbest idea Apple has had in the last 5 years is an always-on watch display. As soon as I tell someone they can turn that shit off and how to do it, they do. They don’t seem to care they get a battery increase. They just want it gone. That they get a battery improvement is gravy.

I’ve always thought always-on display was a feature designed for one specific audience, tech writers in and of San Francisco.

I am open to understanding use cases for it outside of my experience.

Case and Colors

Don’t care.


If Apple Fitness+ works for you, jump on it. For me, I don’t care.


The Series 7 Apple Watch isn’t a particularly groundbreaking update,


but all of the changes are welcome improvements.

“All” changes? That seems a generous stretch.

The new display looks like an exceptionally nice upgrade, and the improved resistance to cracks and dust will keep this line of Apple Watches pristine.

If this was a problem for you, I can see this being welcome.

Overall, while I’m not entirely sure how enticing the Series 7 is for users who already have a Series 5 or 6 Apple Watch, it still looks like an excellent device for anyone who buys it.

Respectfully I disagree.

Bottom line:

This device gets so close to an upgrade for my S2 Watch. Maybe after there’s more information about that keyboard, or my S2 dies.

I would not consider it to upgrade my S5.

If you need a new Apple Watch, I suggest getting a S5 or S6 while you can, or an SE or S3.

If the S7 does something fantastic for transit in Tokyo (the reason I bought my S2 in Japan many years ago) that none of the current watches can do OR can do it faster in real life, then get a S7.

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