Peace Communications announces its sponsorship of the local Chattanooga Weatherphone service.

The trusted service has been a part of the Chattanooga community since the 1960s and still receives a daily average of 4,000 to 5,000 calls, according to Randall Hinton, spokesman for The Weatherphone Company.

The number, 423-265-1411, will remain the same going forward, and Peace will use its own Hosted PBX Infrastructure to add additional overflow numbers to handle the fluctuating call volume.

“The service was on the verge of going away forever if the Weatherphone Company didn’t find a new sponsor,” said Jim Peace, founder, and CEO of Peace Communications. “We are happy to step in and support this valuable community service for Chattanooga and surrounding Hamilton County.”


Also, I didn’t know we had a weatherphone. Analog FTW!

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