Rules of Career Movement

The Brent Venables Rules of Career Movement:


Doing excellent work is the best way to increase your odds of moving up.

Wait for the right opportunity.

You need a little luck.

Your new job will be different from your old job.

Success isn’t guaranteed.

(Via Three Star Leadership)

Paul here. There’s something to be said for showing up and doing consistently solid work as rule 0.

I suggest changing #3 to something more Stoic, like “there are elements outside of your control”. I find attributing “luck” to be lazy thinking.

Lastly, beware of mimicking modern athletic coaches’ work ethic, especially in American Football. They tend to willing sacrifice their families, friends, staff, and players for the power, adulation, and payday the top echelon receive. If you really want a coach who was well rounded, you can do no better than John Wooden. Check out his works.

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