Selling a delusion

By connecting the term ‘metaverse’ with futuristic science fiction, venture capitalists and founders can take something that isn’t really that impressive and claim that it’s part of a new movement that, if it even exists, probably sucks. Web3 is the natural counterpart to this vacuous conversation because it is a direct way in which the capital going into these meaningless terms can seek liquidity under the auspices of giving people ‘value’, and letting them ‘own their data’. … It’s that simple: you are either being sold a dream so that someone else can profit before it comes true, or you’re being sold something that already exists as if it’s brand new. In any case, someone else is going to get rich as long as you conflate avaricious obsession with something also being valid.

(Via Ed Zitron via Dense Discovery)

Web3 is marketing bs. Cryptocurrencies (crypto = cryptography, on which cryptocurrencies rely for their very existence, as ephemeral as that existence is) are an agreed to delusion, and NFTs are pure snake oil. The metaverse is a solution looking for a problem. Facebook (a.k.a. “Meta”) might crack it as all they do now a-days is create problems. Yet they will fail.

Enjoy web3.

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