Hey, Y’all!

Here’s a room tour set of small videos, each about 20 seconds long.

Intro: IMG_2882.mov

Part 1: IMG_2883.mov

Part 2: IMG_2884.mov

Part 3: IMG_2885.mov

Part 4: IMG_2886.mov

Part 5: IMG_2887.mov

Part 6: IMG_2888.mov

Your questions are welcome. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Korea quarantine room tour

  1. You are the “Mr. Rogers” of quarantine. Next time, sing a song and change your shoes and sweater.

    The coffee said all day coffee. Is there a different kind for evenings?

    • I’ll workshop something. I think Fred Rogers, Inc. has the copyright on that. As for the coffee, the All Day ran it’s course. Now we have a slightly tastier coffee with less stamina.

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