Platforms can+will serve me, my needs & then go away

Dear Friends,

Bask in my superiority!!!

I subscribe not to Spotify,
Nor Pandora,
Nor Tidal.
Nor other music streaming platforms … errr, uh

Well, except for Apple Music … BUT that’s only for sharing my music across my Apple devices.

Well, except for Amazon Music that I get with my Prime membership … BUT that’s only for stuff I bought on Amazon that still has licensing for that specific piece of music at that time. And I barely use it, so … yeah.

Other than the 2 exceptions I mentioned, bask in my superiority!

Why am I so superior? Part of it comes from me long ago trying the streaming services and finding myself constantly skipping stuff I did not care for – they don’t seem to acknowledge to the jazz/classical/international/misc crowd. The algorithms are less than some make them out to be.

Part of it comes from the lousy way artists are paid by the platforms.

Part of it comes from the poor audio quality of what they serve.

Part of it comes from their attempts to in-house the “podcast boom” that only acts to silo content everyone knows was publicly available before the platforms got involved. Note: I do not want the platforms to silo podcasts.

Part of it comes from not being part of the faux censorship debate around some douche allegedly named Joe Rogan. Spotify bought that product. That’s their thing. I get to continue to not buy Spotify’s product regardless of if Spotify has that douche’s alleged content on their roster. Same goes for the other streamers … 

I will continue to use Apple Music as needed and Amazon music until it looses all licenses for my purchased music.

By then I hope to own physical copies of my truly important media, by hook or by crook.

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