Platforms are not for users, part 27

Goodreads lost my entire account last week. Nine years as a user, some 600 books and 250 carefully written reviews all deleted and unrecoverable. Their support has not been helpful. In 35 years of being online I’ve never encountered a company with such callous disregard for their users’ data.

(Via Nelson Minar)

As Nick Heer wrote on Pixel Envy:

Goodreads is not some scrappy start-up. It has been owned by Amazon for nine years. These are big companies with big budgets and lots of customers, but they still act like they are just figuring this stuff out. That era is long over. Software needs a warranty, and so do services.

This all goes back to a maxim of mine that I continue to refine: if you value your data, you need to own it; relying on platforms to “do the right thing” is a fool’s game.

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