Work calendar trust, or the lack thereof

I no longer trust my work calendar.

First, colleagues reschedule meetings when we need to meet on a topic again. For example, a meeting held this morning at 10:00 ET had an outcome of meeting again tomorrow. Instead of scheduling a new meeting, the organizer rescheduled it to tomorrow.

Second, corporate migrated/is migrating to a new email system. Everything in the old system is still there in the old system. None of it transferred.

Third, the desktop, web browser, and mobile calendars loose synchronization. For example, last week I saw the same meeting scheduled for 2 different times depending on the platform. Luckily I noticed the difference and was able to confirm with colleagues about the actual start time.

Lastly, the work calendar relies on multiple internal corporate systems. Which internal corporate systems seems to depend on how the work calendar is accessed. Some of this might help explain #3, but right now a outage on another system impacts my ability to get at my schedule.

What does all this mean?

Keeping with the idea that “Plain Text Rulz!”, I am using my iOS Shortcut and the Beorg app to dump the next & current day’s schedule into org files so I will have a more reliable record of my comings, goings, and doings.

I will back it up with my analog daily journal. I used to keep my work schedule this way back when I worked in Japan but dropped the habit.

※ I do not share my iOS shortcut as is but might share a sanitized version if requested.

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